Nora Jean Wallace
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Going Back To Mississippi

Nora Jean
Going Back To Mississippi
Severn Records

  1. Telling Me What To Do
  2. Miss Mae’s Juke Joint
  3. All My Life
  4. Going Back To Mississippi
  5. Broken Heart
  6. I’ve Got Two Men
  7. Don't You Remember?
  8. What I’ve Been Through
  9. Tearful Blues
  10. Things Done Changed
  11. Another Part Of You
  12. if You’re Looking For Someone

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Nora Jean Bruso Sings The Blues

Nora Jean Bruso
Sings The Blues
Red Hurricane Records

  1. When You Leave Don't Take Nothing
  2. I’m Leaving You
  3. Howlin’ For My Baby
  4. If That's What You Want To Do
  5. Doin' The Shout
  6. Members Only
  7. Untrue Lover
  8. I’d Rather Go Blind
  9. Can't Shake These Blues
  10. Who’s Been Talking
  11. It Makes Me So Mad
  12. Spoonful
  13. All Your Love
  14. Big Boss Man
  15. Killing Floor
  16. He Belongs To Me


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